RUBECT: A Hybrid Project Management Software

RUBECT is a hybrid project management software which helps projects to use valuable resources of the planet more efficiently. These days most organizations have different types of projects, in some projects specific scope is determined and in some aren’t. Projects with defined scopes and projects with non-defined scopes struggle with each other to use shared resources in organizations.

RUBECT as a hybrid project management software empowers organizations and project managers to manage their different projects in alignment to their strategies.

RUBECT is a hybrid PMIS which helps project managers for dominating on various parts of their projects. For designing this software, experiences of many experts in diverse projects such as EPC of oil and gas, piping and civil constructions, software development, R&D are employed.

This package is utilized in center of informatics exchanges for coordinating data in diverse sections of the project. This software is designed based on PMBOK standard.

RUBECT has a core for tailor-made project management software. Various packages are established on RUBECT platform which added specific capabilities to it.

What Is a Project Management Information System (PMIS)?

RUBECT is a hybrid project management software which helps projects to use valuable resources of the planet more efficiently

Resources of projects are allocated from the resources of organization and in global view resource of each organization is part of planet resources. Using resources in any types of project needs specific planning and organizations with different types of project must able to manage allocation of resources to projects more efficiently.
Managing waterfall projects with agile projects in a single software and aligns them with organizational strategies is the most important problem that should be solved.
RUBECT helps organizations and project managers to monitor and control wide range of projects easily and lets them making decisions more accurate and effective.


What RUBECT do !

  • All types of projects, programs and portfolios can managed by RUBECT.
  • Prioritizing and categorizing project based on strategies.
  • Reporting all projects, programs and portfolios in one place.
  • Integrated dashboard for monitoring portfolios.
  • Import from and export to MS Project and Primavera.
  • Dynamic Dashboard for projects.
  • Online Gantt chart
  • Dynamic workflow management.
  • EVM KPIs are monitored.
  • Scrum management.
  • Kanban board management.
  • Resource allocation and usage management.
  • Linked WBS and agile tasks.
  • Workflow management helps to distribute activities accurately.
  • Remote teams can access tasks, works and relative information of projects.
  • Online chat and peer to peer video calls.
  • Link task to source controls for developers.